What Causes the Discord JavaScript Error

Both gamers and non-gamers use Discord for creating communities, where they can participate in voice or video calls, send messages, and set up watch parties. However, it’s inevitable to come across some errors when using Discord on your Windows computer. One example of a common issue is the “Discord JavaScript error.” Fortunately, there are a few ways you can quickly solve this problem.

What Causes the Discord JavaScript Error

The Discord JavaScript error is a pop-up that may appear when you try to run Discord on your PC. Multiple processes and configurations on your computer can cause the fatal JavaScript error you’re getting. Among the most common are:Incorrect Windows/Discord configurations: incorrect or incompatible configurations lead to syncing issues, as system and app data aren’t working as they should or aren’t compatible.
Antivirus restriction: there may be instances where Discord’s installation files are detected as threats by your computer’s antivirus software. Since potential threats (e.g. Discord data) are put in quarantine and prevented from running by your antivirus software, Discord won’t be able to run properly and may encounter errors.
Corrupt or incorrect Discord installation: failed or incorrect installation of Discord can also be the reason it shows a fatal JavaScript error every time you try to launch it. This happens because Discord’s data wasn’t extracted and installed properly due to an interruption during installation initiated by you or other factors, such as your computer shutting down or getting stuck in the middle of the process.

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We’ve compiled five ways to help you solve the Discord JavaScript error and enjoy Discord and its features again.
1. Perform a Clean Install of Discord

One way to get rid of the JavaScript error is to uninstall Discord, delete all of its data, and reinstall it to get rid of any corrupted or bad files that might be preventing Discord from running properly.Launch Control Panel on your PC by using the Search button in the taskbar.
Look for the “Programs” category and click on “Uninstall a program.”
Find “Discord” in the list of programs, right-click, and select “Uninstall.”
After Discord is uninstalled, launch the Run command dialog box. You can right-click on the Windows icon and select “Run” from the menu that appears or use Windows Search to find it.
Type %appdata% and click “OK.”
Look for the “discord” folder and delete it.
Relaunch the Windows Run command dialog box. Type %localappdata% and click “OK.”
Look for the “Discord” folder and delete it.
Restart your computer and install Discord again.

2. Disable or Check Your Antivirus Program’s Restrictions

There are cases where your antivirus program may determine some of Discord’s data could be harmful to your computer. In this case, you can either disable your antivirus program temporarily and launch Discord to see if the error persists or check your antivirus program’s app restrictions.

The antivirus software of your computer sometimes detects the “update.exe” under Discord’s installation folder as malware or an infected file. When this happens, launching Discord leads to a fatal JavaScript error.

To fix this issue, launch the antivirus program installed on your computer, then add all of Discord’s files to the list of exceptions to prevent your antivirus program from interrupting whenever you attempt to launch Discord.

If you’re using Windows Defender on your PC and have updated to the latest Windows 11 version 22H2, go to Windows Security and tweak the “Smart App Control” and “Reputation-based protection” sections under “Virus & protection” to make sure Discord isn’t included.

3. Run Discord as Administrator

Running Discord as an administrator allows it to execute files with fewer to no restrictions from Windows. Follow the steps below.Right-click on the Discord icon on your desktop and select “Properties.”
Go to “Compatibility” in the new window and check the box for “Run this program as an Administrator.”
Click “Apply,” followed by “OK.”
Launch Discord to see if this has fixed the issue.
If Discord still doesn’t work, remove the administrator privilege you just added and run the application without it.

Tip: if you’ve ever encountered a “This setting is managed by your Administrator” error, follow this advice to handle it.
4. Update Windows’s Group Policy

Your Windows computer’s group policy is used to manage security and user settings, software, Windows updates, and more. You can force update outdated system files that could be preventing Discord from running by updating your computer’s group policy.Search for Command Prompt from the Windows Search bar and run it as administrator.
Type gpudate /force and press Enter.
Avoid closing Command Prompt and wait for the update to finish.
Launch Discord again to check the results.
5. Change the Startup Type of Quality Windows Audio Video Experience

Quality Windows Audio Video Experience is a native Windows service used to process streaming applications with the help of your home network’s IP address. To avoid getting the Discord JavaScript error, Quality Windows Audio Video Experience should run automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Follow these steps to set it up:Launch the Run command dialog box by pressing Windows + R.
Type services.msc and press “OK.”
Look for “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience” in the “Services” window, right-click it, then select “Properties.”
In the next window, if the “Service status” says “Running,” click “Stop.”
Click “Start.”
Click on the “Startup type” drop-down and set it to “Automatic.”
Go to the “Log On” tab, then click on “Browse.”
In the next window, add the name of your user account in the “Enter the object name to select” box. Click on “OK” to go back to the “Log On” tab.
Click on “Apply,” followed by “OK.”
Restart your computer and launch Discord once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I uninstall my antivirus to prevent future errors with Discord?

It’s unnecessary to uninstall your antivirus program just to prevent future errors. Adding Discord to the list of exceptions in your antivirus program’s settings should suffice. Do note that the default Windows Defender is a perfectly viable alternative for virus and malware protection.
What fix is guaranteed to solve the Discord JavaScript error?

The various fixes will work (or fail to) depending on your Windows and Discord configurations. Every user configures their system and applications differently, so we recommend trying all five methods in the order we listed until you find one that works for you.
Can I install older versions of Discord if none of the suggested fixes work?

Yes. This may solve your problem if the older version is fully compatible with your computer, especially if there are issues with the latest version of Discord that are causing the error.

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